Greece is for many years now considered to be as one of the top destinations globally for weddings, elopements, anniversaries, photo tours and wedding portraits photo sessions, to speak with photography terms.

Since Greece is also one of the top tourism and holiday destinations as well!

Athens is the capital city, and many people select this destination for experiencing the tradition, the urban landscape and the modern way of living in combination with the country’s history.

Santorini from the other hand is the perfect island that describes a majestic landscape, the summer feeling and the extraordinary architecture and combination of the Greek colors….white and blue!

Clement and Bonnie being photographed at Santorini and Athens

Clement and Bonnie, a lovely couple from China that traveled to Europe and got photographed at Santorini and Athens.

This I guess is one of the good things that globalization brings along nowadays!

They were looking for the appropriate photographer for their elopement when they came upon my portfolio at my website!

Instantly they both decided that I was the photographer for them, as they told me while having a refreshment break.

Photo tour at Santorini

We had a full day photo tour session at Santorini island. We managed to follow the plan I made for them to perfection and visited all the places we were planning to. Our session run smoothly!

Photo tour at Athens

We met a few days later at Athens. This time we planned a quicker, half day, walking photo tour. On this occasion, things were not as easy as we expected since we bumped into demonstrations. No problem though, we instantly adjusted our plans and job was done! The main problem was the extreme heatwave! So when we finished, a cold coffee was a perfect decision!

Better not to say (write) more as the photographs will describe our photography sessions better than my writing….


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