Creating the perfect seating chart can be hard and daunting with the merging of two families, plus all that comes with family drama. This is how to create the perfect seating chart, so you can focus on the more fun and exciting wedding planning!

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Make a plan…

Start with a floor plan of the venue, make sure to pay special attention to where allocates spaces are for the dance floor, entertainment and cake, plus entrance and exits. Based on the approximate number of guests you are having, the venue should be able to suggest a workable layout for tables to ensure a seamless flow on the day.

pink and cream styled round wedding reception table

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Choose a Table Shape…

Generally, you can fit more rectangular tables into a space, but round tables will give guests more legroom.  Round tables are seen as more of the traditional option, as well as being more inclusive and making it easier to converse with all seated on the same table. Just be mindful of centrepiece heights as these may block views and prohibit people from being able to see the people sitting directly opposite them.

Don’t forget about the parents…

Traditionally, the married couple’s parents will share a table at the reception, along with grandparents and siblings that aren’t in the bridal party. This can often be difficult for children with divorced or separated parents, especially if it was messy. Some couples opt to give each parent a table, which can be filled with other family members or family friends as to reduce any hostility. If you’re unsure, consider opening the discussion up to the parents in question before deciding on anything.

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Enlist Help…

Consider using your parents to help seat any of their friends or extended family that may be in attendance. These people could generally be seated together, however parental insights could also be a huge help in assessing group dynamics.

Categorise Guests by Groups…

Group guests by how you know them. This will ease so much stress as the date gets closer as well as ensuring everyone’s needs are met and fulfilled. Resist the urge to create a “singles” table, which may embarrass your guests. Also be mindful not to seat your unmarried friend at a table full of married couples, Now is the time to use your best judgement and try to be sensitive to guest’s feelings.

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Map it out…

A digital seating chart will let you easily move and change names as the date gets closer. Last minute changes will always happen, so be prepared for a guest to drop out or an unexpected plus one gets invited. Try and make sure all the tables have like minded individuals so you get a good mix of conversation.

Kids Table…

Planning on inviting more than 10 children? Have a kid’s table… Be sure to place this table in an appropriate location, somewhere close to all the parents so they can keep an eye on everything. Somewhere close to a toilet whilst also being far away from the bar is the best location.

gold table settings and pink and cream flowers

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The little details…

Make sure to factor in any specific accessibility issues any of the guests might have when deciding on where everyone should sit. Where possible, try seating people who know each other together rather than with strangers. It will help everyone feel more comfortable with his or her surroundings and encourage friendly conversation.

long rectangular wedding tables and festoon lighting

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