You guys, Emily’s wedding is SO SO SOON and I really cannot contain my excitement! We’re well underway with plenty of DIYs as you can imagine! Emily’s wedding venue is a huge blank canvas meaning we’ve got lots of space to get creative but one of the main blocks we’ve come against since planning the decor is how to fill certain spaces, it’s a big room and so there’s lots of areas to fill! One of the best ways to to draw attention to a space is with of course colour, but also something for your guests to do/look at. Cue this colourful ombre photo display that we made with the help of our sponsors Walmart Photo!

We decided to use Emily and Matthew’s engagement photos for the display since they fit the colour display so well but of course you could fill it with photos of you as a couple and all of your friends and family! You can use Walmart’s handy photo printing services to order images to your hearts desire! Here’s how to make your own…


A large piece of acrylic // A selection of high quality printed photographs (we used Walmart Photos!) // Spray paint in the colours of your choice // White card // All purpose glue //


Start by spray painting the acrylic, we chose the colours yellow, pink and orange for our display and these are three main colours for Emily’s wedding but you can choose whatever you prefer! We think it would look beautiful in gold spray paint too! First we painted the pink, then immediately sprayed the orange just slightly above, and finally the yellow. We kept the top of the acrylic clear as we loved the ombre colour effect!


While you wait for the paint to dry, back your photos onto white card using the all purpose glue and cut them back out so they have a nice white border. We just think this gives the display a much cleaner finish and looks nice and neat!


Once your spray paint is completely dry, place your large acrylic on the floor and start to lay your photos out in the order you think works best, keep swapping and re-arranging them until you’re happy with how they look.


Finally, glue your photos in place and voila! Job done, you’ve made yourself a beautiful and eye catching photo display for your wedding!

For more information be sure to check out our Pinterest board!


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