We love a wedding trend that is just as unique as it is beautiful, and these 5 real brides have given us just that!  Wreaths are not just door decor anymore.  The Green Wedding Shoes hoop bouquet is where it all began for us, and it is amazing to see all of these DIY brides creating their own.

Bride Emily had no experience with floral arranging.  She followed that simple DIY, and with her own style and wedding colors she created some amazing wreath bouquets!

Jennifer took Afloral pre-made bouquets and rearranged the flowers into wedding hoops for her bridal bouquet, bridesmaids, and wedding decor!

Just take a look at Rosemary!  She combined florals and trailing fibers to create these whimsical bouquet wreaths.

Morgan started following the original DIY and gave it her own spin with lush greens and flowing silk ribbons.

Viking Wedding with Dried FlowersReal Viking Wedding with Dried Flowers

Last but not least, Jenna used dried forever florals to create her hoop bouquets and we are loving the natural beauty!

These creative brides took something traditional and made truly unique bouquets.  The best part… with artificial and dried florals they can take these wreath bouquets and decorate their home after the wedding.

For more DIY wedding ideas visit and follow us on Pinterest.  Don’t miss this hoop wreath inspiration!


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