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A Guest Post by Chelsea Ellsworth

Over the last few years, the rustic wedding theme has become more and more popular for a number of reasons. Whether it’s the personalized touches you can add to your wedding day, or the lower cost, the charm and comfort of a rustic or boho wedding are hard to overlook.

However, as popular as the rustic theme is, it can be difficult to know where to begin, especially considering it is such a broad and creative theme to play with. Rustic Wedding Chic say that it is a ‘wonderful wedding theme’ but it can be ‘challenging’ to decorate. With all the different ways to add to the ambiance of the Boho style, you can explore your creativity and end up spending less on your special day. Here are five things to consider when planning your rustic wedding day.

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Choosing the right venue for your rustic wedding is key to making sure that your decorations are cohesive. A banquet hall, for example, would struggle to fit in with the idea of a rustic style. The perfect wedding venues to get that authentic rustic theme are barns, marquees, tipis and woodland. This is because you are surrounded by the natural and raw elements that complement the unconventional atmosphere of a boho and rustic wedding; you could even explore the festival theme for a real party on your special day.

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Probably the most important part of achieving the boho style, your decorations should be fitting with the theme. Consider that a rustic wedding day is focused on the perfection in the imperfect; you have a lot of freedom to express your creativity and really go with the flow when it comes to your decorations. Features, like losing the tables clothes and adding natural elements may seem like small additions but can make a big impact. Burlap, rope, barrels and wooden pallets are also typical ways to decorate your wedding space. The informal vibe of a rustic wedding means that you can DIY and save money too, abandoning the traditional aspects of a wedding and bringing you closer to your loved ones.

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The typical style of a wedding cake is fruit
cake covered in marzipan and white icing with various different decorations on
top. However, for a rustic themed wedding celebration, this is too much, and
many brides are opting for a ‘Naked Cake’ instead. This differs from the
traditional wedding cake as it is, as the name suggests: naked. Sometimes with
a thin layer of buttercream coating the cake, the principle is that the cake is
just a plain sponge cake decorated with the natural aspects of a rustic
wedding, like flowers and leaves, sat on top and the sides.

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Many brides stress over finding the perfect
flowers to suit the colours and style of her wedding day. The cost of flowers
can be quite pricey, and whether silk or real, are a huge part of your wedding
theme. With a boho style wedding, the look of the flowers doesn’t necessarily
have to be as pristine as a more traditional wedding. Piecing together
different types of flowers with different colours has a certain ruggedness that
only accentuates the style of a rustic wedding. It even looks great to
incorporate some darker colours and foliage to your bouquet and buttonholes.
Baby’s Breath is a popular choice for bohemian wedding styles.

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With regards to your wedding dress, you can be
sure that there is a wide variety to look through. A boho and rustic wedding
dress usually is loose fitting and flows with a more casual and unconventional
style. With ribbons and flower crowns often associated with a boho dress, it
fits perfectly with the overall rustic theme. The point is there are no rules
to what makes the ‘perfect’ bohemian dress, it is down to what you want for
your special day, no matter how unusual. The same goes for your bridesmaid’s
dresses, the more unconventional, the better.


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