In the wedding industry a complete styled shoot is a sample palette of all the ingredients that come together to make up your most memorable of moments. Including fashion, tablescape decor, florals, confections, stationery, all wrapped up within an ideal backdrop. It is both a concept board of inspirational ideas and a demonstration of vendor style and talent. The biggest challenge, often landing on the shoulders of the planner/designer, is ensuring that all of the ingredients mix together in a cohesive and focused concept. Like creating music, the end goal is to have all of your instruments in tune, creating a fluid rhythm – not a cacophony of random sounds.


The wedding dress is a statement. Whether for a styled shoot, or actual wedding day, the dress is the bride’s way of simultaneously expressing who she is as a person, her relationship with the sanctity of ceremony, and the love for her significant other. There are numerous dress silhouettes but the most common include the classic ball gown, captivating mermaid cut like this lace mermaid wedding dress online, fit & flare, trumpet, sheath (column), and a-line. Selecting your styled shoot wedding dress should, like all other design aspects, be inline with the overall theme and composition. To get better acquainted with dress options, enjoy perusing the vast collection at Pronovias US, a global leader in bridalwear for over fifty years.      


The centerpiece of every table, and a major overall focal point throughout, your floral selection can direct the color palette of your event. Like selecting a dress, florals can also be a statement piece, allowing the wedding couple to express themselves symbolically through flower selection. For example, a classic red rose has long been the symbol of love and romance, and its bold color can act as the anchor in which all other design aspects are centered around.   


“Decor” can cover many aspects of your event. For styled shoot terminology we’re speaking specifically about tablescaping and non-floral accents; from items as grand as ice sculptures and custom dance floors, to place-settings, linens, lighting and candles. Your decor ties together all elements of your event while simultaneously supporting and enhancing them. Weddings are defined by their decor themes, of which there are many, with styles such as luxurious, modern, industrial, rustic, and so on. 


The invitation suite is the introduction to your event, not just formally, but aesthetically as well – highlighting the color palette, perhaps touching base with decor themes through font and paper choices, and even highlighting floral selections with creative graphics. Personalizations are another fun way expressing oneself through stationery, such as cute caricatures or directly with photographs.   


Not a styled shoot necessity, but certainly a wedding staple with a tradition stretching back into ancient Rome, and perhaps further back still, is the wedding cake. What began in ancient days as breaking a loaf of bread over the head of your bride as a blessing for good luck and fertility has certainly come a long way in regards to creative magnificence – from bread loaves, to pies, to museum worthy culinary sculptures. For styled shoots the cake should be considered part of the decor in order to retain a cohesive design, following along the lines of the selected theme. For many weddings this may also be true, though not at all a rule, as the cake if often allowed the freedom of being a creative wildcard – referencing a particular aspect of the couple lives. Such as a love for pets, sports teams, movies – the options are nearly endless.  

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